2015-2020 Options Design for Learning

The Lincoln Options Design for Learning IV (ODL IV) provides a five‐year plan for the  partnership and continued commitment to the Options philosophy of learning core beliefs established in 1984: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction Integrated Curriculum
Parent & Family Involvement Development based on Key Learning Dimensions

The initiatives outlined in ODL IV bear in mind the tremendous pressures placed on our teachers to both provide a curriculum that keeps the core beliefs at the heart of their work and meet an ever‐growing list of externally mandated demands as directed by the District and state. Through these initiatives, we strive to remain a school community working together to provide a thoughtful, developmentally appropriate education for a broad spectrum of students and their families. The initiatives for 2015‐2020 are:

  1. Assessment—Maintain and support the Options philosophy by prioritizing
    authentic, developmentally appropriate assessment that directly informs classroom
    instruction over standardized testing.
  2. Experiential Learning—Support learning opportunities that allow children to
    explore their innate curiosity and creativity and encourage children to see
    themselves as participants in life.
  3. Family Involvement and Community Building—Create a welcoming and
    supportive environment and connectedness for all families.
  4. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds—Enhance the education of the child as a whole
    through social emotional development, physical activity and play.
  5. Spanish Initiative—Integrate Spanish language and culture into the lives of the
    Lincoln children, staff and families.
  6. Social Justice—Be a community that strives to understand and acknowledge the
    structure of institutional oppression and privilege. Communicate to our students
    that they have the power to change the world and provide opportunities for them to
    become movers and shakers.
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